IQOS smoke, what are their sticks made

IQOS smoke, what are their sticks made

IQOS smoke, what are their sticks made

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Published December 6, 2023

Fewer and fewer people prefer cigarettes and switch to systems for heating tobacco. IQOS is considered to be the most popular device. In 2024, Philip Morris conducted a survey and found out that more than 5 million people smoke IOS in Russia. I am sure that over the past few years, the number of IQOS smokers has doubled, given the growing popularity of these devices.

I also smoked IQOS for a while. But I'm still more used to classic tobacco in cigarettes, hand-rolled cigarettes or even in a pipe. I know a lot of people who are annoyed by the smell of smoke from sticks. Let's be honest, for many, the fragrance does not evoke the best associations. When I was next to an IQOS smoker, I was not thrilled. But if you smoke yourself, you practically do not feel the unpleasant aroma.

Many people smoke IQOS, but still don't know what their poems are actually made of. I would like to share information with you and tell you the truth.

What is the design of Tereaiqos sticks and what do they consist of? Many people smoke IQOS, but still don't know what their poems are actually made of. I would like to share information with you and tell you the truth.What is the design of SHEETS sticks and what do they consist of?

The IQOS device has gone through a lot of changes. They have a more powerful battery. Now you can buy two verses in a row. The quality of the heating element has improved. And also some devices have become much more compact. But what has remained unchanged over the years is the design of the Heats joints. The manufacturer believes that there is nothing to change in them. Except to expand the range of flavors.

Visually, the stick can be divided into two parts - a filter and a tobacco "capsule". But the design is a little more complicated. After the segment filled with tobacco, there is a characteristic air chamber with an empty space. It is necessary for the smoker to inhale chilled, not hot smoke (steam).

Next is the cooling "plug". According to the manufacturer, it contributes to a more thorough cooling, humidification and softening of tobacco vapor passing through the acetate material. By the way, the filter is made of the same material as in cigarettes. It just doesn't take up much space - a little more than half a centimeter.

What kind of plastic film is used in IQOS sticks?

Why is it needed? At first, when I first started smoking IQOS, I thought they used real plastic, but resistant to high temperatures. As it turned out later, this is a completely safe polymer material obtained from corn starch and lactic acid. As I said earlier, this film is needed for optimal control of humidity and temperature of inhaled smoke (or steam, whichever is convenient to say).

What is in the IQOS sticks - tobacco or its substitute?

The main question that many people ask is what is put in the joint - tobacco or some kind of "surrogate"? What do you think? I'll give you a few seconds to think about it. If you thought you were a surrogate, you were wrong. It has long been proven that tobacco is used in sticks. That's just the technology of its processing and preparation is completely different than that of cigarettes. Tobacco leaves are taken and ground into "dust". Waste left over from production can also be added here. Well, what about the cheap raw material base.

Next, the resulting tobacco dust is mixed with glycerin and propylene glycol so that when in contact with the heating element, the tobacco does not burn, but heats up and emits steam. Then the resulting consistency is poured into a special tank, pressed to make a thin, solid sheet of tobacco "paper". Then the tobacco is cut on a special machine and stuffed into a stick.

The amount of nicotine in sticks is lower than in cigarettes. Therefore, it is difficult for an avid smoker to get used to their strength. And at first he smokes one stick after another. On the other hand, it is a tobacco trick that forces us to spend more money. After all, instead of one pack of sticks a day, we buy two. And those who are attentive have noticed that the new IQOS devices can withstand a charge of 25, not 20 smoked sticks.

Scientists will need more time to figure out whether smoking sticks through a tobacco heating system is 95% safer than cigarettes or not. After all, the consequences of smoking such products are not fully known. Not everything is as smooth as it seems. Yes, we do not inhale tobacco smoke with a huge amount of harmful substances. But I also do not consider the so-called tobacco aerosol to be completely safe.